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      I recently moved to Los Angeles. A couple of days before I moved, I did as many people do, I donated personal items I no longer needed to the Salvation Army. As it does for most people, this gave me a sense of fulfillment. I helped someone else or maybe even multiple people in some small way. As I drove away I thought about the disconnect between the people that donate and the recipients of those donations. This separation is what allows people to go through the day not ignoring the less fortunate but not feeling the need to go out of their way to help. This complacency is largely due to a lack of an emotional attachment or not identifying personally with those less fortunate. I am not saying the average person is uncaring. It is simply the way it is. Taking it a step further I began to think about how I could help taking a more macro approach and at the same time making it personal to me. Although I have never been a member of the armed services, I come from a large military family. Both of my parents, brother, sister, uncle and other members of my family have served in every branch of the military. Being raised on military bases and surrounded by the culture, I have witnessed first hand the selflessness and sacrifice our men and women in the armed forces put themselves through willingly with honor, dignity and asking for very little in return. Having said that, some of these proud men and women face many challenges when they leave the service and return home, whether physical, emotional or psychological, often resulting in financial difficulties. After the sacrifices they have made for us, there is simply no excuse for these patriots not to receive the assistance they deserve. Using my craft as a filmmaker, I hope my video series can create personal attachments between the general public and our veterans who need our help.

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