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Cost Breakdown

Concept Meeting

Project Fee

Editorial Fees

Editing X2
Needle Drop Music




Sound Guy

Equiptment Rental

Camera w/Glass



Dana Dolly







$600.00 per day

$100.00 per song

$550.00 per day

$500.00 per day


$175.00 per day

$150.00 per day

$100.00 per day

$50.00   per day


       This is a quote for a basic package to create one 30 second to 2 minute video highlighting your company or product. This includes one day of production (up to 8 hours) with a camera person, an audio person, and gear. Two days of editorial with one client review and revision. This quote also includes a concept meeting before the project begins; one stock music bed for the video, licensed for online, not commercial broadcast and finished video compressed to client specifications.


Client will provide

Basic idea or concept of piece
Talent (if wanted)
Talents’ make-up/wardrobe (if wanted)

Location to shoot
Power at location
Logos and any images or footage,

requested at concept meeting


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